UZE launches crowdfunding campaign for BOLD 2, the world’s fastest power bank, setting out to revolutionize portable charging

UZE launches crowdfunding campaign for BOLD 2, the world’s fastest power bank, setting out to revolutionize portable charging


Today UZE (pronounced “use”)—the smart charging tech and wearable startup from Miami—launched a crowdfunding campaign for Bold 2. It’s a power bank boasting a first-of-its-kind 290 watts combined output, capable of charging up to six devices simultaneously.

The rise of remote work has brought about a new era of workplace flexibility and efficiency, but it has also presented new challenges, such as the need for powerful and versatile charging solutions. UZE has recognized this growing demand and has responded by developing the world’s fastest power bank, beating their own record set by BOLD 1 in August 2021.BOLD 2 is specifically designed for today's tech-savvy remote workers and tech enthusiasts alike. It is available for $159 USD on Indiegogo (44% discount vs RRP).

With the adoption of "buy your own device" (BYOD) policies by companies, professionals are now using personal devices for work purposes, leading to heavier battery usage. Additionally, the rise of social media, live streaming, and gaming has placed an unprecedented strain on device batteries, making reliable and powerful charging solutions more critical than ever. Carolina Gutierrez, founder of UZE, has emphasized the importance of advanced charging solutions in the context of remote work.

"As professionals continue to embrace the remote work revolution, it's imperative that they have access to charging solutions that can keep up with their dynamic, multi-device lifestyles,” Gutierrez stated. “Our BOLD power banks are designed to meet these challenges head-on, ensuring that remote workers can stay connected and productive, no matter where they work from."

The BOLD 2 Power Bank is designed to provide a superior portable charging experience, with state-of-the-art features and unparalleled power. Its 4x USB-C ports and 2x wireless charging pads can charge up to six devices simultaneously, including a 140-watt output port for the MacBook Pro M2 16”. With its American aircraft-grade anodized aluminum body, BOLD 2 offers excellent heat dissipation and shock protection. It is equipped with the latest charging protocol PD3.2 and programmable power supply (PPS) ensuring each device is charged at its optimal speed. The upgraded chips provide over-current, voltage/temperature, and short-circuit protection. BOLD offers pass-through charging, and the ability to function as a hub, allowing users to charge 5 devices, while charging BOLD.

The lithium polymer graphene cells have 2,000 battery life cycles, making them 4x more durable than traditional lithium cells and BOLD a reliable and long-lasting solution for remote work and leisure use alike. BOLD can wirelessly charge iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods with its MagSafe compatible and Qi certified charging pads boasting upgraded magnets, ensuring versatility and user-friendliness. The upgraded OLED screen allows users to monitor charging progress and status.

As remote work continues to expand across the globe, UZE's BOLD 2 offers a compelling solution for professionals seeking to stay connected and charged, no matter where their work takes them. The company's commitment to providing versatile, powerful, and reliable charging solutions has placed them at the forefront of the remote work revolution since 2020.The estimated delivery date of BOLD 2 is December 2023.

About UZE

UZE has been on a mission to enhance lifestyles through smart charging solutions since its founding in May 2020. Their product line includes high-quality power banks, heated jackets, ultra-durable cables, and lightning-fast GaN chargers. The success of their first iteration, the BOLD power bank, raised over $630,000 in a Kickstarter campaign and shipped to thousands of backers in over 50 countries. With the upcoming launch of the BOLD 2 Power Bank, UZE is poised to become the go-to brand for smart charging technology.


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