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About Us

2020 was a tough year in many ways, but it was also the year that our company, UZE, was born.

It all started when we were on vacation in Europe in 2019. We went with friends to the beach, it was meant to be a quick stop and go, the last sunset and the culmination of the trip. We didn't carry much, and little did we expect what was about to happen. The car got stuck in the sand, and we had no charging cables, no Power Banks, and less than 5% battery on each phone. While it was enough to call for help, the phones eventually died, and everybody had to sleep the night in the car, as the towing truck was unable to call nor locate us.

We repeatedly asked ourselves: How do you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, with a dying phone and no way to charge?

Last pic of the day
Back in warm Miami we bought and tested countless Power Banks and found that all the features we wanted weren't available in one single product so we decided it was time to develop a Power Bank that would be a joy to carry around and that would be able to fast charge all devices, especially phones – cable or not.
It's been almost three years since that amazing picture was taken. Since then we launched the World's first 265W output portable Power Bank - BOLD - and after very successful crowdfunding campaigns, we are thrilled to present to you all UZE products.